First post : Dreams


This is my first post in this blog.

My nickname is Dreamcatcher , and in my first post I want to talk to you about dreams. Cause aren’t they the thing that motivates us ?!

When I was little I dreamed about a prince , who would come and take me far… far away . For most – away from school .

Yeah… I was very… dreamy .

But now i’m not dreaming about princes or princesses in beautiful dresses . Now I have a real dream a real goal which i’m gonna reach.

I want to become a singer . I was singing since I was 1! . Right now i’m living in Armenia , but we won a green card, so we’re gonna move soon to America . I hope that I will realise my dreams in there ,cause as all are saying “America is a country of open doors ” (right?) .

My parent’s don’t want me to become a singer , but aren’t dreams made for reaching them?

I’m not gonna give up , and I wan’t to motivate you to not give up too.

The Dreamcatcher goes offline . Xoxo


Future career

This world gives us lot of opportunities and we have to choose which one of them we’re gonna use.

For me the “career” question is simple. I’m gonna choose something that makes me feel good and something what I love. You’re job shouldn’t be about money, about good and rich life. It has to be about you, your interests and your sight to this world.

I have a dream, a goal which is very important for me. I want to motivate people, to help them feel loved and special, and I’m gonna express my feeling through songs.

I want to become a singer.

I know that singing atmosphere is not “flowers and butterflies” but I know, that I want to be someone who will help people , so one day someone will tell me “you know? because of you I didn’t give up”.

So finding a “career” is very important. You have to have a purpose.

One wrong move and everything changes.

And for the last I wanna say .


Xoxo Dreamcatcher. ❤

When you’re sad

I’m sorry that I haven’t posted in a while.  I just had some little problems.

The last times I’m being more sad than happy and when I look at myself from the side I realise that I look exhausted and tired from life. And I know that whatever it is , it’s not worth it.

I know that I don’t want you to be sad, so here are some tips that can make you happy again.

  1. Try to think about what makes you happy
  2. Turn on a good and happy music

The 3rd one is what I do and it makes me really happy

3.Go through your and your best friends old messages ( it makes me laugh so much that I forget about what made me sad)

4. Go to Pinterest and search for good Bible verses (It makes me really happy)

5. If you had personal diaries the go ahead and open them, read them and remember all what you have been through. Sometimes I’m doing that and I’m laughing at all the things that where worrying me that days.

I hope it was useful for you, and it helped you)))

Xoxo Dreamcatcher.


I’m laying sick in my bed and thought, that I could write a new post in my blog. So let’s talk about school.

In my favorite book it’s saying “School is a teather, where everyone has his role” .

I agree with it so much.

Have you ever thought of it?

The cool kids have their role, the silent ones their, and even teachers have their roles.

In Armenia we end the middle school in 9th grade and we do a prom.

Now I’m in 9th grade. And for the first time in this 9 years I got in to the principals office and not for a good reason. I looked disappointed on my self, but my best friend said “It’s okay. One more memory to remember in the future”.

And I agree with her.

Today me and my closest friends in class where discussing our childhood. We laughed so much remembering the stupid stuff we did and the bad stuff we did .

And my point is. Even If you did something wrong in your school years, don’t be disappointed, cause that thing will turn into a good memory and you don’t know , maybe your child in the future will have some problems and you can help him with a little throw back story and a little advice.

The most memorable (bad) thing that happened while school time, was in the 3th grade, when I thought, that I can seem “cool” if I put a wet sponge on the teachers chair.

Please… Don’t ask me…. It was horrible. 😀

What was the most memorable thing, that you did when you where in school?

Please let me know in the comments below.

Xoxo Dreamcatcher. ❤

Traveling the world

I have a little secret .Sometimes when it’s night I secretly go to our balcony. Yerevan (The capital of Armenia) is very beautiful at the night. I’m putting my jacket on, standing on the balcony, looking at the Yerevan lights, airplanes in the air, thinking… thinking… and thinking.

Last time I thought.

“I wonder how much secrets, and how much beautiful places this world has, that need to be discovered…”

Isn’t it beautiful when you realise, that there’s so much more of amazing things, than you see now.

I have a DREAM…

I want to see the world, to travel, to meet different kind of people, to be a part of this BIG, BIG WORLD.

I believe, I know, that no one can live without something new. Imagine seeing something new every day!!!

That would be sooo awesome …

I know, that this world has so many of places prepared for me…

For most I want to visit Spain!!!

OMG!!! That is my dream, I wish that it will come true one day…

Is there at least one country that you want to visit? And why that country??

It’s really interesting to know about my followers dreams.

Xoxo Dreamcatcher. ❤




Reading books

I know that most teens don’t like reading books, but I do.

I love reading sooo much, that I could spent the rest of my years in the library with as much coffee, as anyone could imagine.

But yeah… back to reality.

Why do I like reading books?

I like it, cause when I’m reading books I can get out from this grey and boring life at least for a day…

When I’m reading, I’m seeing a movie.

No seriously… Every action, that is described in the book is passing threw my eyes like a ghost.

And when I’m finishing my book, I’m realising how boring life is, so sometimes I’m just grabbing the book and re-reading my favorite parts from it.

Sometimes I just think ” Why can’t my life be as interesting as in the book”

And when I’m thinking about my day, I understand, that it’s like a movie.

For example, yesterday I went to the principals office for the first time in my whole life and not for a good reason. I passed the lesson and because of the freaking cameras they caught me in the school cafeteria.

And besides that, I remembered the coolest memories, from last year and I thought, that if it wasn’t real, I would probably think, that I would see things like this only in a movie, or in a book.

So guys… We have a mission.

Let’s remember the coolest times of our life, and imagine it as a movie.

Are you taking the challenge???

Let’s have a hashtag #imagineitasamoviechallenge

Hope you’ll write some posts with this hashtag. I’ll check all of them out.

Xoxo Dreamcatcher ❤

Teen girls life

Teenage girls have SO MANY important things to care about.

Let’s make a list.


  1. Now everyone’s taking attention to what we wear.
  2. that’s why we have to dress good.
  3. But our hormones go crazy and we sweat all the time, which makes the 2nd article impossible.
  4. We have to look under our feet, to not fall.
  5. But thanks to clumsiness, it’s not always possible.
  6.  We have to take good selfies and have a good profile(facebook,instagram…)
  7. But as not everyone knows how to take good selfies, it makes the 6th article impossible too.
  8. And most importantly – communication.
  9. We have to be friendly and make kinda funny jokes, that can make SOMEONE laugh.
  10. And if you just don’t know how to make a joke, but you’re trying, then that SOMEONE is gonna think you’re freaking strange.

YES. Beaing a teenager is really hard. Like…. REALLY HARD.

Sometimes I just feel, that our parents grew up sooo long ago, that they forgot what it’s like “being a teenager”.

I just really wish, that things could be easier.

When I brush my hair in the morning and then I go to school, my friends ask me if I brushed my hair and you know what ? I did, but i could just not, cause doesn’t matter if I brush it, or not. It’s literally the same!!!

But who knows? maybe we are pretty, but we just can’t notice that.

My grandmother told me one day “If someone’s really loving you, then he will not notice your imperfections, but the opposite. He will will make them sound perfect”.

I hope you liked this post.

Xoxo Dreamcatcher. ❤


Social Media

I’m very glad, that you liked my last post, and wrote comments under it.

Thank you for your support.

Now let’s talk about social media.

It is the box where the normal person in 21th century is living.

We go on Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr and so on…

Those are the places where we can post our pictures with cute dog filters, or the place where you can post what you’re eating. Everyone’s trying to copy another person and when I go to someone’s profile I can’t find his/hers identity.

I’m not blaming anyone who’s doing that (even I post pictures with dog filter), but GUYS!!! we  have to be unique, we have to show what’s special in us.

For us teenagers , social media is VERY important, cause everyone’s making a opinion of us by looking to our profiles.

That’s why teens care about their social life sooooo much.

I have a question…

Why are you trying to copy someone? Do you think that you’re too ugly to take pictures without makeup ?? Do you think that they’re gonna judge you for your every move???

If you thinked like that till this moment, then please… STOP!!!


If someone judges you for who you are , then send them to hell.

You’re beautiful, you’re unique you are YOU!!!

Life can’t end and it’s not ending in social media!!!

If you like someone go ahead and tell him/her!!!

If you did something wrong, go correct it!!!


Don’t let ANYONE crush you, your dreams and your identity ! Nor it’s in social media nor it’s in real life!!!

It’s the longest post I’ve ever made, but I know that it’s worth it!!!

Love you all.

Xoxo Dreamcatcher. ❤


When I’m sad, or happy I grab my earplugs and press the play button on my playlist.

Even though it’s strange I know some people that hate listening to music. I just can’t understand them.

We are teenagers and while living this “life” , we can’t go without listening to music.

When words can’t explain something I know for sure, that music can.

I listen to music, while cleaning my room or dry the dishes. And for that I turn active music . For example “shake it off” by Taylor Swift. And when I’m sleeping or resting I put some relaxing songs like “all of me” by John Legend.

Music is the part of the life in this world, and like I said later I don’t understand people, who don’t like to listen to music.

Right now my favorite song is “shape of you” by Ed Sheeran.

Me and my best friend Nicky are gonna make up a choreography under that song on Wednesday, so I can’t wait!!!!

What’s your favorite song right now?

Let me know in  the comments below.

Xoxo Dreamcatcher.


When I was about to go to a new vocal studio, I was very scared, cause I’m afraid of changes.

I was worried, that they wont like me , or I would say something stupid (as always). Yeah I was right.

I understood that they don’t like me even though I was trying to be nice with them and make new friends.

Now we are very close with my friends from vocal studio. Just last year they told me that they didn’t like me because they were jealous. I got surprised and asked them “why?”.

They told me that they were jealous, cause they were in the small group for more than 5 years and then they got to our vocal studio, but I went to the small group only 3 days and came to their group in a short time.

Of course I felt bad, but I don’t care anymore . The best thing is that we are close together now and everything’s great.

So what’s my point?

Soon I’m gonna move to America, and I’m kind of scared. I’m scared of changes .

What if I can’t study my lessons ?

What if I can’t find new friends?

What if I’ll get bullied?

These questions are in my mind ALL THE TIME ,and I can’t stop thinking about them.

Should I be worried?

Please comment down bellow.

Xoxo Dreamcatcher. ❤