When you’re sad

I’m sorry that I haven’t posted in a while.  I just had some little problems.

The last times I’m being more sad than happy and when I look at myself from the side I realise that I look exhausted and tired from life. And I know that whatever it is , it’s not worth it.

I know that I don’t want you to be sad, so here are some tips that can make you happy again.

  1. Try to think about what makes you happy
  2. Turn on a good and happy music

The 3rd one is what I do and it makes me really happy

3.Go through your and your best friends old messages ( it makes me laugh so much that I forget about what made me sad)

4. Go to Pinterest and search for good Bible verses (It makes me really happy)

5. If you had personal diaries the go ahead and open them, read them and remember all what you have been through. Sometimes I’m doing that and I’m laughing at all the things that where worrying me that days.

I hope it was useful for you, and it helped you)))

Xoxo Dreamcatcher.


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