I’m laying sick in my bed and thought, that I could write a new post in my blog. So let’s talk about school.

In my favorite book it’s saying “School is a teather, where everyone has his role” .

I agree with it so much.

Have you ever thought of it?

The cool kids have their role, the silent ones their, and even teachers have their roles.

In Armenia we end the middle school in 9th grade and we do a prom.

Now I’m in 9th grade. And for the first time in this 9 years I got in to the principals office and not for a good reason. I looked disappointed on my self, but my best friend said “It’s okay. One more memory to remember in the future”.

And I agree with her.

Today me and my closest friends in class where discussing our childhood. We laughed so much remembering the stupid stuff we did and the bad stuff we did .

And my point is. Even If you did something wrong in your school years, don’t be disappointed, cause that thing will turn into a good memory and you don’t know , maybe your child in the future will have some problems and you can help him with a little throw back story and a little advice.

The most memorable (bad) thing that happened while school time, was in the 3th grade, when I thought, that I can seem “cool” if I put a wet sponge on the teachers chair.

Please… Don’t ask me…. It was horrible. 😀

What was the most memorable thing, that you did when you where in school?

Please let me know in the comments below.

Xoxo Dreamcatcher. ❤


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