Traveling the world

I have a little secret .Sometimes when it’s night I secretly go to our balcony. Yerevan (The capital of Armenia) is very beautiful at the night. I’m putting my jacket on, standing on the balcony, looking at the Yerevan lights, airplanes in the air, thinking… thinking… and thinking.

Last time I thought.

“I wonder how much secrets, and how much beautiful places this world has, that need to be discovered…”

Isn’t it beautiful when you realise, that there’s so much more of amazing things, than you see now.

I have a DREAM…

I want to see the world, to travel, to meet different kind of people, to be a part of this BIG, BIG WORLD.

I believe, I know, that no one can live without something new. Imagine seeing something new every day!!!

That would be sooo awesome …

I know, that this world has so many of places prepared for me…

For most I want to visit Spain!!!

OMG!!! That is my dream, I wish that it will come true one day…

Is there at least one country that you want to visit? And why that country??

It’s really interesting to know about my followers dreams.

Xoxo Dreamcatcher. ❤





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