Reading books

I know that most teens don’t like reading books, but I do.

I love reading sooo much, that I could spent the rest of my years in the library with as much coffee, as anyone could imagine.

But yeah… back to reality.

Why do I like reading books?

I like it, cause when I’m reading books I can get out from this grey and boring life at least for a day…

When I’m reading, I’m seeing a movie.

No seriously… Every action, that is described in the book is passing threw my eyes like a ghost.

And when I’m finishing my book, I’m realising how boring life is, so sometimes I’m just grabbing the book and re-reading my favorite parts from it.

Sometimes I just think ” Why can’t my life be as interesting as in the book”

And when I’m thinking about my day, I understand, that it’s like a movie.

For example, yesterday I went to the principals office for the first time in my whole life and not for a good reason. I passed the lesson and because of the freaking cameras they caught me in the school cafeteria.

And besides that, I remembered the coolest memories, from last year and I thought, that if it wasn’t real, I would probably think, that I would see things like this only in a movie, or in a book.

So guys… We have a mission.

Let’s remember the coolest times of our life, and imagine it as a movie.

Are you taking the challenge???

Let’s have a hashtag #imagineitasamoviechallenge

Hope you’ll write some posts with this hashtag. I’ll check all of them out.

Xoxo Dreamcatcher ❤


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