Teen girls life

Teenage girls have SO MANY important things to care about.

Let’s make a list.


  1. Now everyone’s taking attention to what we wear.
  2. that’s why we have to dress good.
  3. But our hormones go crazy and we sweat all the time, which makes the 2nd article impossible.
  4. We have to look under our feet, to not fall.
  5. But thanks to clumsiness, it’s not always possible.
  6.  We have to take good selfies and have a good profile(facebook,instagram…)
  7. But as not everyone knows how to take good selfies, it makes the 6th article impossible too.
  8. And most importantly – communication.
  9. We have to be friendly and make kinda funny jokes, that can make SOMEONE laugh.
  10. And if you just don’t know how to make a joke, but you’re trying, then that SOMEONE is gonna think you’re freaking strange.

YES. Beaing a teenager is really hard. Like…. REALLY HARD.

Sometimes I just feel, that our parents grew up sooo long ago, that they forgot what it’s like “being a teenager”.

I just really wish, that things could be easier.

When I brush my hair in the morning and then I go to school, my friends ask me if I brushed my hair and you know what ? I did, but i could just not, cause doesn’t matter if I brush it, or not. It’s literally the same!!!

But who knows? maybe we are pretty, but we just can’t notice that.

My grandmother told me one day “If someone’s really loving you, then he will not notice your imperfections, but the opposite. He will will make them sound perfect”.

I hope you liked this post.

Xoxo Dreamcatcher. ❤



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