Social Media

I’m very glad, that you liked my last post, and wrote comments under it.

Thank you for your support.

Now let’s talk about social media.

It is the box where the normal person in 21th century is living.

We go on Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr and so on…

Those are the places where we can post our pictures with cute dog filters, or the place where you can post what you’re eating. Everyone’s trying to copy another person and when I go to someone’s profile I can’t find his/hers identity.

I’m not blaming anyone who’s doing that (even I post pictures with dog filter), but GUYS!!! we  have to be unique, we have to show what’s special in us.

For us teenagers , social media is VERY important, cause everyone’s making a opinion of us by looking to our profiles.

That’s why teens care about their social life sooooo much.

I have a question…

Why are you trying to copy someone? Do you think that you’re too ugly to take pictures without makeup ?? Do you think that they’re gonna judge you for your every move???

If you thinked like that till this moment, then please… STOP!!!


If someone judges you for who you are , then send them to hell.

You’re beautiful, you’re unique you are YOU!!!

Life can’t end and it’s not ending in social media!!!

If you like someone go ahead and tell him/her!!!

If you did something wrong, go correct it!!!


Don’t let ANYONE crush you, your dreams and your identity ! Nor it’s in social media nor it’s in real life!!!

It’s the longest post I’ve ever made, but I know that it’s worth it!!!

Love you all.

Xoxo Dreamcatcher. ❤


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