When I was about to go to a new vocal studio, I was very scared, cause I’m afraid of changes.

I was worried, that they wont like me , or I would say something stupid (as always). Yeah I was right.

I understood that they don’t like me even though I was trying to be nice with them and make new friends.

Now we are very close with my friends from vocal studio. Just last year they told me that they didn’t like me because they were jealous. I got surprised and asked them “why?”.

They told me that they were jealous, cause they were in the small group for more than 5 years and then they got to our vocal studio, but I went to the small group only 3 days and came to their group in a short time.

Of course I felt bad, but I don’t care anymore . The best thing is that we are close together now and everything’s great.

So what’s my point?

Soon I’m gonna move to America, and I’m kind of scared. I’m scared of changes .

What if I can’t study my lessons ?

What if I can’t find new friends?

What if I’ll get bullied?

These questions are in my mind ALL THE TIME ,and I can’t stop thinking about them.

Should I be worried?

Please comment down bellow.

Xoxo Dreamcatcher. ❤




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