Fake friends

When I first went to school, my teacher said that she is our friend and I thought, that if she is my friend, then I’m gonna get good marks, even if I come to school without doing homework.

So one day I went to school without finishing my homework and when she asked me about the exercises I said that I didn’t finish it. She got angry and put an 2(it’s an F in Armenia) on the journal. I got surprised, cause I expected her to forgive me.

After that passed almost 8 years , and I got one new friend . Let’s call her Lara.

She was pretty and everyone was telling us, that we looked like each other. Some time later we started our “friendship”.

She had a really big opinion of herself. She was thinking that she’s better than anyone else and was bullying everyone , EVEN ME.

I was trying to understand her , to be friends with her , cause her parents where divorced , and I felt bad for her.

She was only nice with me, when I got a new phone, or new clothes, but when she forgot about the things that I got – she  forgot me too and started shading me every time when we were around our friends.

I understood that I can’t change her, so I stopped talking to her.

She was from my vocal studio and when she left it, I stopped seeing her too.

For the first time in a while I saw her yesterday. I showed that she is not interesting to me and then she came to me. She hugged me, started to talk about different things, but it was obvious that she noticed my “I DON’T CARE ANYMORE” face .

I understood, that I can’t let anyone shame me, ignore me and use me.

I’m very happy that I have REAL FRIENDS by my side, and I’m very sad, that soon I’m gonna say goodbye to them and not see them for a very, very long time.

Have you ever had a friend like Lara?

please comment down bellow .

Xoxo Dreamcatcher.


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