First post : Dreams


This is my first post in this blog.

My nickname is Dreamcatcher , and in my first post I want to talk to you about dreams. Cause aren’t they the thing that motivates us ?!

When I was little I dreamed about a prince , who would come and take me far… far away . For most – away from school .

Yeah… I was very… dreamy .

But now i’m not dreaming about princes or princesses in beautiful dresses . Now I have a real dream a real goal which i’m gonna reach.

I want to become a singer . I was singing since I was 1! . Right now i’m living in Armenia , but we won a green card, so we’re gonna move soon to America . I hope that I will realise my dreams in there ,cause as all are saying “America is a country of open doors ” (right?) .

My parent’s don’t want me to become a singer , but aren’t dreams made for reaching them?

I’m not gonna give up , and I wan’t to motivate you to not give up too.

The Dreamcatcher goes offline . Xoxo


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